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Members of the Common Forum regularly meet. Here are the reports and presentations from previous meetings and information for meetings in preparation.

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Oslo, Norway
October 13 & 14, 2016


Meeting Agenda and information
V3 final - 02 11 2016
(PDF file - 997 KB)

Meeting report
(PDF file - 910 KB)

1st COMMON FORUM Working Group "Soil as a resource" report
(PDF file - 389 KB)



Day 1 - Session 1 - Welcome and General Matters

D. Darmendrail
(PDF file - 2 508 KB)

Presentation of the Norwegian Environment Agency
T. Hartnik
(PDF file - 530 KB)

Introduction into the legal and organizational framework of Norway for (contaminated) soil management
K. Martinsen
(PDF file - 1 019 KB)

PFAS contaminated soils around firefighting site in Norway
V. Alling and G. Preus-Olsen
(PDF file - 1 617 KB)

Day 1 - Session 2 - Information about countries and networks

Contaminates sites in Romania - The current state
M. Frasineanu
(PDF file - 464 KB)

Updates on contaminated land management in Italy
F. Quercia and A. Vecchio
(PDF file - 1 057 KB)

Finish Policy on Orphan (and other) Sites
J. Reinikainen
(PDF file - 1 118 KB)

Day 1 - Session 3 - Research and Technical issues

IED implementation - Return to the initial state in Germany
Criteria to evaluate a significant increase of pollution and related remediation

J. Frauenstein
(PDF file - 946 KB)

Joint European Initiative on Emerging contaminants?
J. Ceenaeme and C. Molenaar
(see Welcome Presentation)

Heavily Contaminated Land
D. Müller and C. Molenaar
(PDF file - 238 KB)

International & European standardisation
Update 2016-10

D. Müller-Grabherr
(PDF file - 340 KB)

Day 1 - Session 4 - COMMON FORUM Activities

COMMON FORUM on Contaminated Land in Europe
Secretariat period 2017-20

D. Müller-Grabherr
(PDF file - 327 KB)

Update on the activities carried out under Minamata convention
E. Goidts
(PDF file - 541 KB)

Day 2 - Session 5 - European Soil Agenda

Approach and results of the WIKI inventory on soil policy and legislation
J. Masson and C. Olazabal
(PDF file - 487 KB)

The contributions to the MAES exercise
J. Ceenaeme, N. Bal and E. van Dyck
(PDF file - 1 456 KB)

EIONET NRC Soil Ad-hoc WG Contaminated Sites Brownfields 2016
A. Paya-Perez
(PDF file - 1 402 KB)

INSPIRATION - Towards a Strategic Research Agenda on Soil, Land-Use and Land Management in Europe
P. Nathanail and S. Bartke
(PDF file - 1 425 KB)

Day 2 - Session 6 - Working Group "Soil as a resource"

Soil as a resource
M. de Cleen and C. Molenaar
(PDF file - 1 024 KB)

See also:
- COMMON FORUM presentation at NICOLE Autumn Workshop 2016
- COMMON FORUM presentation at EU Soil Stakhloder's conference 2016

TerrAgenda - Better Soil for Better life!
(PDF file - 60 KB)

Background document for comitology with a proposal for a clear, unambiguous and practical definition of ‘severely degraded land’ and ‘heavily contaminated land’
C. Molenaar and D. Müller
(PDF file - 324 KB)

SDG's and the Flemish environmental policy
B. Peeters
(PDF file - 1 024 KB)


click on pictures to see enlarged views - Pictures by courtesy of K. Martinsen

COMMON FORUM meeting 13 to 14 October 2016 in Oslo (Norway) - Attendees
Hosted by: Umweltbundesamt (Environment Agency Austria) 1090 Vienna - Austria
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