Members of the Common Forum regularly meet. Here are the reports and presentations from previous meetings and information for meetings in preparation.

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Vienna, Austria
April 12-13, 2017


Meeting Agenda and information
V2 - 14 04 2017
(PDF file - 752 KB)
The deadline for registration is Tuesday 28 March 2017

2nd meeting COMMON FORUM Working Group "Soil as a resource"
Draft agenda v.2
(PDF file - 72 KB)


J. Bouma
Soil science contributions towards Sustainable Development Goals and
their implementation: linking soil functions with ecosystem services

J. Plant Nutr. Soil Sci. 2014, 177, 111–120

S.D. Keesstra, J. Bouma, J. Wallinga, P. Tittonell, P. Smith, A. Cerdà, L. Montanarella, J.N. Quinton, Y. Pachepsky, W.H. van der Putten, R. D. Bardgett, S. Moolenaar, G. Mol, B. Jansen, and L. O. Fresco
The significance of soils and soil science towards realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
SOIL, 2, 111–128, 2016

J. Bouma and L. Montanarella
Facing policy challenges with inter- and transdisciplinary soil research focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals
SOIL, 2, 135–145, 2016

Sustainable development in the European Union
A Statistical glance from the viewpoint of the UN sustainable development goals

ISBN 978-92-79-61911-3 - 2016 edition



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